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All Splatoon 3 Gear

Embark on an in-depth exploration of all Splatoon 3 gear, where you’ll discover the diverse range of gear categories, abilities, and customization options. From optimizing gear loadouts to unlocking gear synergy, this comprehensive guide empowers you to elevate your gameplay and become a seasoned Splatoon 3 warrior.

Delve into the intricate details of gear customization, exploring the various ways to obtain and upgrade gear, as well as expert tips for creating effective gear combinations. Learn how to harness the power of gear synergy to enhance your abilities and dominate the battlefield.

Gear Overview

All splatoon 3 gear

In Splatoon 3, gear plays a crucial role in enhancing your character’s abilities and stats. There are various gear categories, each with its unique set of abilities:

Headgear, All splatoon 3 gear

  • Increases ink capacity or ink regeneration rate.
  • Provides abilities like Ink Saver Main, Ink Recovery Up, and Special Saver.


  • Enhances movement speed, defense, or ink resistance.
  • Offers abilities like Run Speed Up, Ink Resistance Up, and Bomb Defense Up DX.


  • Improves special charge rate or respawn time.
  • Provides abilities like Special Charge Up, Respawn Punisher, and Comeback.

Each gear piece has different stats and abilities, so choosing the right combination is essential for optimizing your playstyle.

Gear Category Stats Abilities
Headgear Ink capacity, ink regeneration rate Ink Saver Main, Ink Recovery Up, Special Saver
Clothing Movement speed, defense, ink resistance Run Speed Up, Ink Resistance Up, Bomb Defense Up DX
Footwear Special charge rate, respawn time Special Charge Up, Respawn Punisher, Comeback

Top FAQs: All Splatoon 3 Gear

What are the different gear categories in Splatoon 3?

Headgear, Clothing, and Shoes, each offering unique abilities and stat boosts.

How do I upgrade gear in Splatoon 3?

Use Ability Chunks or Super Sea Snails to enhance the abilities of your gear.

What is gear synergy, and how can I use it to my advantage?

Combining gear pieces with complementary abilities can create powerful synergies that boost your performance.

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