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Destiny 2 Mission 2

Destiny 2 Mission 2 captivates players with its compelling narrative and unique gameplay, taking them on an unforgettable journey filled with challenges, rewards, and epic encounters.

Embark on a detailed exploration of the mission’s objectives, enemy encounters, boss fight, and the wealth of rewards awaiting those who emerge victorious.

Mission Overview: Destiny 2 Mission 2

Destiny 2 mission 2

Destiny 2 Mission 2, “The Inverted Spire,” is a strike mission available to players at Power Level 20. The mission takes place on the planet Nessus and involves investigating a Vex invasion.

The mission objectives are as follows:

  • Infiltrate the Vex stronghold
  • Secure the relay
  • Defeat the Vex Mind

The recommended Power Level for this mission is 20. Players should be prepared to face challenging Vex enemies, including Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, and Hydras.

Enemy Encounters

Destiny 2 Mission 2 features a variety of Vex enemies:

  • Goblins:Weak enemies that attack with ranged weapons.
  • Hobgoblins:Stronger Goblins with void shields.
  • Minotaurs:Powerful melee enemies with high health.
  • Hydras:Large, stationary enemies that fire lasers.

To defeat Vex enemies effectively, players should focus on taking out Goblins and Hobgoblins first, as they can quickly overwhelm players with their numbers. Minotaurs should be engaged from a distance, using cover to avoid their melee attacks. Hydras can be destroyed by targeting their weak points, which are located on their heads and backs.

Boss Fight

The boss encounter in Destiny 2 Mission 2 is against a Vex Mind named Protheon. Protheon has the following abilities:

  • Teleportation:Protheon can teleport around the arena, making it difficult to track.
  • Energy blasts:Protheon fires powerful energy blasts that can deal significant damage.
  • Shield:Protheon has a shield that protects it from damage. The shield can be temporarily disabled by destroying the Vex Goblins that spawn around it.

To defeat Protheon, players should focus on destroying the Vex Goblins first. Once the shield is down, players can attack Protheon directly. It is important to stay mobile and avoid Protheon’s energy blasts.

Rewards and Loot, Destiny 2 mission 2

Completing Destiny 2 Mission 2 can reward players with the following items:

  • Legendary weapons
  • Exotic armor
  • Enhancement cores

The drop rates for these items are low, but players can increase their chances of obtaining them by completing the mission on a higher difficulty setting.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use cover to avoid enemy fire.
  • Focus on taking out Vex Goblins and Hobgoblins first.
  • Use heavy weapons to quickly defeat Minotaurs and Hydras.
  • Stay mobile and avoid Protheon’s energy blasts.
  • Destroy the Vex Goblins that spawn around Protheon to disable its shield.

Quick FAQs

What is the recommended power level for Destiny 2 Mission 2?

It is recommended to be at least 150 Power to comfortably complete the mission.

What are some tips for defeating the boss in Destiny 2 Mission 2?

Focus on damaging the boss’s weak points, utilize cover to avoid its attacks, and coordinate with teammates to maximize effectiveness.

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