Deep battle axe ds3

Deep Battle Axe Ds3

Deep battle axe ds3 – In the unforgiving realm of Dark Souls 3, the Deep Battle Axe stands as a formidable weapon, steeped in Norse mythology and brimming with destructive potential. With its unique Charge weapon art, it empowers warriors to crush their foes with unstoppable force.

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this legendary axe, exploring its design, combat strategies, historical significance, and synergies that make it a force to be reckoned with.

Its distinctive design, impressive stats, and versatile Charge weapon art set it apart from the ordinary. In the hands of skilled warriors, it transforms into an instrument of devastation, capable of obliterating enemies with a single, thunderous blow.

Deep Battle Axe Overview

Deep battle axe ds3

The Deep Battle Axe is a colossal weapon in Dark Souls 3, known for its immense size and devastating Charge weapon art. Its design draws inspiration from ancient Norse battle axes, with a thick, double-edged blade mounted on a long, sturdy handle.

The axe boasts impressive base damage and scales primarily with Strength, making it an excellent choice for melee-oriented builds.

The Deep Battle Axe’s unique weapon art, Charge, allows the wielder to charge forward, slamming the axe into the ground. This powerful attack deals massive damage and can stagger even the toughest enemies. However, it requires careful timing and positioning to use effectively, as the axe has a long recovery animation after the charge.


  • Exceptional base damage
  • Scales primarily with Strength, making it suitable for melee builds
  • Charge weapon art deals massive damage and can stagger enemies


  • Slow attack speed and recovery time
  • Requires careful timing and positioning to use Charge effectively
  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks and quick enemies

Combat Strategies

Deep battle axe ds3

To effectively utilize the Deep Battle Axe, players must master the timing and positioning of its Charge weapon art. When charging, the axe can be angled slightly to adjust its trajectory, allowing players to target specific enemies or hit multiple foes in a line.

It’s crucial to initiate the charge from a safe distance to avoid being interrupted or punished during the recovery animation.

In combat, the Deep Battle Axe excels against large, slow-moving enemies. Its heavy damage and stagger potential can quickly dispatch these foes. However, it struggles against agile enemies or those with ranged attacks, as its slow attack speed makes it difficult to close the distance.

Consider pairing the axe with a faster weapon for close-quarters combat or a ranged option for dealing with distant threats.

Builds and Synergies

Deep battle axe ds3

The Deep Battle Axe is a versatile weapon that can complement various builds. For maximum damage output, focus on Strength and Endurance to increase the axe’s damage and equip heavy armor for added survivability. Alternatively, consider investing in Dexterity to improve the axe’s attack speed and equip lighter armor for increased mobility.

The Deep Battle Axe synergizes well with items that enhance Strength or Charge’s damage. The Prisoner’s Chain and Havel’s Ring can increase Strength, while the Leo Ring and Flynn’s Ring boost Charge’s damage output. Additionally, consider pairing the axe with a shield to block incoming attacks while charging.

Historical and Cultural Significance: Deep Battle Axe Ds3

Deep battle axe ds3

The Deep Battle Axe draws inspiration from the ancient Norse battle axe, a formidable weapon used by Vikings and other Scandinavian warriors. These axes were typically double-edged, with a long, sturdy handle, and were used for both close-quarters combat and throwing.

The Deep Battle Axe in Dark Souls 3 reflects this historical design and evokes the brutal and unforgiving nature of Viking warfare.

In Norse mythology, axes were associated with the god Thor, the protector of Asgard and wielder of the legendary hammer, Mjolnir. The Deep Battle Axe’s design and name pay homage to this mythological connection, reinforcing the game’s themes of ancient legends and epic battles.

Query Resolution

Q: What makes the Deep Battle Axe unique?

A: Its Charge weapon art allows for devastating charged attacks, inflicting massive damage on impact.

Q: What stats should I focus on for a Deep Battle Axe build?

A: Strength and Dexterity are crucial for maximizing its damage potential.

Q: Can the Deep Battle Axe be infused with elements?

A: Yes, it can be infused with various elements such as Fire, Lightning, or Dark, enhancing its damage against specific enemy types.

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